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Sprinkler Ceiling

Fire Suppression

Bazini Engineering, P.C., is able to provide full Fire Protection design.

Our services include:

  • Wet Sprinkler Systems

  • Dry Sprinkler Systems (Parking Garages)

  • Pre-action Sprinkler Systems

  • Foam Suppression Systems

  • Water Mist Suppression Systems

  • Nitrogen Generating for Sprinkler Corrosion Control

  • Local Law 26/04 Compliance

  • Office Buildings 100 feet in height or greater to be fully sprinkled

  • Local Law 58/09 Compliance

  • Color Coding of exposed standpipe and spinkler piping

  • Local Law 60/09 Compliance

  • Permits required for curring and capping standpipes or sprinklers

  • Fire Hose Rack Removal Compliance

  • Change from Class III to Class II standpipe systems

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sprinkler piping
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